Kaya Village

Kaya Village

Situated midway between Fethiye and Olu Deniz is the ‘ghost town’ of Kaya Valley. With a handful of properties scattered across the valley and hidden away amongst the olive groves and lemon trees, Kaya Valley is a wonderful retreat for anyone wishing to experience the ‘real’ Turkey. Along the lanes you’ll see the women shepherding their sheep or goats, or using handheld farming tools as they work in the fields tending the land.

The main feature of the area is the ghost village of Kaya, abandoned since the Greek-Turkish population swop in 1923, which saw the village abandoned after the 6000 or so Greeks left. Untouched to this day, you can wander around the village yourself or go with a guide.

If ancient ruins are not your thing, then why not take a ride to Fethiye which is a bustling town with a lovely harbour, fish market and plenty of shopping opportuniities for a bit of retail therapy. Or if you prefer to relax on a lovely sandy beach and take a dip in the warm Mediterranean waters, then head to Olu Deniz which is just 15 to 20 minutes away.

Whatever your tastes Kaya Valley is a super location for everyone.


Summer Season (May to October)

With wall to wall sunshine for most of the year, the summer season in Kaya Valley is generally hot and summer reaching top temperatures in the mid 30’s (centigrade) during July and August.  May and October is milder with temperatures in the mid 20’s and the occasional shower or overcast day. The nights also tend to be cooler.

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