Once a sleepy fishing village, Kalkan has grown into a sophisticated tourist destination for the discerning traveller. The centre of Kalkan or the ‘old town’ still retains its charm and character of narrow streets and whitewashed houses with wooden shutters and colourful bourganvillea. As you wander around the streets you will be greeted by soft twinkling lights and mellow music eminating from the many wonderful shops and restaurants.

Kalkan is renown for it’s abundance of high quality restaurants. If you are looking for Burger King or Macdonalds, you won’t find it here. What you will find is fresh produce expertly prepared and served. There are lovely harbourside restaurants as well as roof top restaurants all with stunning views and never enough days to visit them all.

By day there is a small pebble beach to enjoy, or the beach clubs dotted around the bay with direct access straight into the chrystal clear waters which in peak season, average a wonderful 27 degrees! Or if you prefer sand between your toes then Patara Beach has 17 kms of just that and is just a stones throw away from Kalkan.

Turks are well known for their friendliness and hospitality and Kalkan is no exception. The local people have an amazing capacity for remembering names and faces, so don’t be surprised if the man selling pashminas remembers you from the previous week or even year!!


Summer Season (May to October)

With over 300 days of sunshine throughout the year, Kalkan is a great holiday destination. May and October are the cooler summer months but still average temperatures of around the mid to late 20’s. You may experience the occasional shower or overcast day, but generally the days are lovely while the temperatures drop cooler during the evening. In the peak season of July and August you can expect temperatures to reach mid to high 30’s.

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